Evolve and Make Agility Organization’s DNA

Businesses around the world are evolving and at the same time they are becoming so nimble that they are revolutionizing the very idea of doing business. Businesses have transformed so much that enterprises which were traditionally engaged in one core business area are increasingly becoming known as technology companies rather than known by the expertise domain they operate in. Mostly, these are banks, financial services and retail & CPG. Giants like; Amazon, started from selling books and changed entirely to a technology giant in a short span of time. These companies have revolutionized the very DNA of business by changing the way they perform their work and daily tasks.

In their journey, they evolved more as they keep growing. These companies track and check competition, come up with more innovative ideas because of open culture, implement and roll out ideas quickly in the market compared to competition because of highly automated infrastructure, leverage first mover advantage by quick decision making and do lot more things differently as compared to companies which are still functioning traditionally.

The core of these companies is agility in bringing ideas to the table, agility in decision making to implement ideas, agility in operations and sales. Agility is in their DNA and you can observe it from top to bottom and length & width of these companies. They are more driven to bring problems from across the organization on to the surface and then collaborate with teams to get the solution of those problems.

Organizations can bring agility by (initial steps):

  1. Forming small teams from groups.
  2. Objectively identify the problem statement and setting realistic and achievable goals within defined short span of time.
  3. Collaborate, discuss and provide feedback on work done. Highlight, the work which not got done without finger pointing.
  4. Bring in feeling of co-ownership within team members.
  5. Let people feel empowered by allowing them creating their own plan to achieve goals that have been set-up.
  6. Customer centricity in everything we do.

Published by Raveesh Mishra

Transforming organisation's excellence through agile and DevOps practices, Business solutions, IT delivery management, Programme management and Quality Management.

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