Preparing for Professional Scrum Master – I

My Understanding of What is PSM – I.

Professional Scrum Master – I (PSM – I) is an industry recognized scrum master certificate from PSM – I is the first level out of three and the exam checks the fundamental knowledge of scrum and it’s application in real world.

Why PSM – I?

  1. It is an industry recognized scrum master certificate and accepted across all clients.
  2. It thoroughly checks one’s fundamental knowledge about scrum.
  3. It is a lifetime certificate with no expiry date. Hence, I see it as a medium to build the knowledge for the path you have chosen.
  4. You get access to resources where you can read blogs, articles, whitepapers and watch videos to understand scrum and it’s intricacies.

Who Should Go for PSM – I?

There is no specific criteria or guidelines from on who should bag this achievement. Anyone can take PSM – I, having a fundamental knowledge of scrum and little bit of experience with it.

As, I have experienced it, people who have orthodox mindset, and just do it for sake of doing the certification, they fail. As the traits are not there to be a scrum master. In my view, a person having following traits should go for PSM certifications:

  1. Can give-up the ego.
  2. Empathize with people.
  3. Have listening skills.
  4. Nature to serve others.

How I prepared for PSM – I?

I studied and referenced following for PSM – I:

  1. Learnt by heart, Scrum guide by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.
  2. In resources section of, completed the learning path of scrum master.
  3. Took open assessments of Scrum Master, Product Owner and Developer until I got 100% in each.

What to Expect in PSM – I Exam?

  1. 80 questions in 60 minutes.
  2. Multiple choice questions.
  3. Questions checking fundamental knowledge of Scrum, straight from scrum guide book.
  4. Few scenario based questions.
  5. Passing score of 85%.

Hope this blog would have given you insights about PSM-I and will help you in attempting PSM – I and clearing it.

Published by Raveesh Mishra

Transforming organisation's excellence through agile and DevOps practices, Business solutions, IT delivery management, Programme management and Quality Management.

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