Preparing for Professional Scrum Master – II

My Understanding of What is PSM – II?

PSM – II is the advanced i.e. second level out of three, scrum master certification from Scrum.Org. PSM – II exam checks your understanding of implementing scrum values, principles and other concepts in practical situations.

Why PSM – II?

  1. Industry recognized and certificate to show advanced knowledge of scrum and using scrum in complex environment.
  2. Certificate with no expiry date.
  3. Actual test of your scrum knowledge not meant to just clear the exam without thorough understanding of scrum and it’s use in complex environment.
  4. You get access to community blogs and resources where you are guided by a learning path for scrum masters.

How I Prepared for PSM – II?

  1. I got enrolled for PSM – II advanced scrum master virtual training class of Professional Scrum Trainer Hemant Khati.
  2. Had 4 days of virtual training classes of class size 20. We discussed real situations that scrum master faces in day – to- day work life.
  3. Read thoroughly Scrum – A Pocket Guide by Gunther Verhyen.
  4. Revisited Scrum Guide by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber.
  5. Revisited the learning path for scrum masters blogs, articles, case studies and videos.
  6. Clarified doubts and sought help from peers of training class to understand concepts and questions. It helped a lot.
  7. Udemy’s PSM – II practice test to get acquainted with type of questions you can expect in exam.

What you can Expect in PSM – II Exam?

  1. 30 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes.
  2. All questions are scenario/situation based.
  3. Since these are situation based questions, so they are lengthy.
  4. 85% passing score.


  1. Prepare thoroughly. Do not go for short cuts.
  2. Read Scrum – A Pocket Guide. It will help to clarify your doubts and understanding.
  3. Do not rush through questions while giving exam. You have ample time.
  4. Do not get under pressure from peers in your training class group who keep passing the exam before you.
  5. Attempt when you are ready.

Hope this blog would have given you an insight on PSM – II and will help you to get prepared for the PSM -II exam. Please share your views in comments box below. I am also sharing the link to purchase Gunther’s book which will be very helpful in your preparation for PSM – II below. Click the link to purchase it on Amazon.

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