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Servant-Leader: An Era of Leadership Serving Billion Dreams

On 10th July, we might have seen last innings of one of the great servants of the game and Indian Cricket – “Dhoni”. 

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Velocity: A Measure of Productivity, Speed or Predictability?

In my many agile conversations with senior stakeholders and others who are learning about agile, I have been frequently asked by them about: How do you measure productivity in agile? Is there a KPI which tracks productivity of agile team and individual members working in that team? Is velocity a measure of productivity? Does velocity […]

Tale of a team in midst of agile transformation

It was second week of October, I was finishing off my day in the office with the last assignment in agile transformation and was thinking about the success, failures and learnings from this assignment. With the same thoughts, I was also thinking of working on another opportunity where I can bring improvements, coach and teach […]

My Learnings from “Trillion Dollar Coach” – Part I

I finished reading “Trillion Dollar Coach” on Bill Campbell by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle. The book is a tribute to Bill by the authors of the book. It focuses on Bill’s coaching to Silicon Valley executives and making them successfully run their companies and start-ups. I found this book very engaging, the […]


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