Corporate World Krishna

The other day, I had a discussion with my wife on virtues and characteristics a person should have while working in corporate world. The very moment I thought about Krishna as it was imperative and no one could be better than him.

The virtues that Krishna have, prompted me to take his name only. These virtues solve our daily tussle and what we go through in our everyday corporate life. I believe these virtues also answers about work ethics and work-life balance.

The five virtues that am talking about are:

  1. Dharma: Virtue of optimism and delivery of work by rules
  2. Karma: Virtue of doing diligent and smart work
  3. Shakti: Virtue of focus and energy
  4. Niti: Virtue of strategy and its successful execution
  5. Saundrya: Virtue of personal and professional beauty

A person must have these Krishna virtues and based on these one should define their goals and objectives to achieve excellence and be Corporate World’s Krishna.

To read more about Vishnu avatar and related topics, please read books of one of the best authors of mythology. Own your copy by clicking on the image below.

Published by Raveesh Mishra

Transforming organisation's excellence through agile and DevOps practices, Business solutions, IT delivery management, Programme management and Quality Management.

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